An Organization of Writers with Disabilities

News and Magazine Stand

The following Behind Our Eyes members are engaged in periodic writing assignments for magazines and newspapers in various genres and locations.

For the last eighteen years, Sally Rosenthal has been the first and only book reviewer for Best Friends Magazine published six times each year by Best Friends Animal Society, the nation’s largest no-kill shelter and nationwide groups of volunteers who provide care, support, and animal welfare information in their communities. The magazine is sold at Barnes and Noble stores or by subscription. A subscription automatically comes with at least a twenty-five dollar donation which can be made on-line at the website:

Leonard Tuchyner has a column in Dialogue, which may be found in various sections of the magazine. Dialogue is available in several accessible formats. To learn more or subscribe, visit

James R. Campbell writes a column for Consumer Vision Magazine called Commentary Aftermath. You can find it at The magazine is distributed in text form via Email.

Nancy Scott has a bimonthly personal essay column in Newsreel Magazine. Newsreel is available in multiple formats. Visit them at

Ernest Jones has a monthly newspaper column called “Different Views” in The Walla Walla Union-Bulletin at He bridges the gap to bring understanding of disability issues to the readership of the paper.