An Organization of Writers with Disabilities

Listen to Sample Teleconference Recordings

Here’s what Sunday nights are like on teleconferences with Behind Our Eyes. Sample two, and join us by filling out our membership form.

Critique/Workshop Conference

Normally our critique sessions are based on submissions by our members to our Email list. Since we can’t feature that information in this recorded presentation, we’re sharing with you a workshop/critique evening hosted by our vice president, John W. Smith. He asked members to submit six-word stories which related in some way to how writing is a part of their lives. Approximately fifteen participants’ stories are read and reviewed by several of our members. You’ll enjoy the interaction, camaraderie, and reflections about writing as a hobby or career.

Below is a link to the recording. If you click or hit Enter on it, the file may begin playing in your browser. If you would rather download the file for offline listening, right click the link or use your context menu to save it to your computer.

Six-Word Story Conference Recording