Behind Our Eyes Recording of The Weekly Avocet #467


With kind permission from editor and publisher Charles Portolano, Behind Our Eyes, Inc., recorded the November 14, 2021 issue of The Weekly Avocet, which features exclusively twenty-three poets/members of Behind Our Eyes. We thank editor and publisher Charles Portolano, as well as co-editors Vivian and Valerie Portolano. The 52 poems and other portions of the journal are read by the poets who wrote the pieces or by fellow BOE members.

We sample apples, and watch pumpkins and pecans find new homes. Squirrels, prairie dogs, birds, and flowering bulbs seek sanctuary from colder weather. Corn stands tall, and bright and darkening foliage rustles underfoot.

Download our recording, and savor the season with us. Nineteen voices—male, female, high-pitched, and deep-toned—offer a variety of accents and excitement. Connect with us to mark changes in the weather, and to share personal experiences that highlight Autumn's special moments.

We hope you will enjoy this special audio edition of the November 14, 2021 issue of The Weekly Avocet—a magazine dedicated to connecting nature with humanity.

Audio Downloads

There are two ways to obtain the recording. If you want to listen offline on your computer or MP3 player or burn the recording to a CD, download a zip file containing all sixty files.

Alternatively, you can play or download individual files from this link. Further instructions are provided on that page.

PDF Download

With the kind permission of Charles Portolano, we offer an electronic copy of The Weekly Avocet #467 as a PDF, as it was originally distributed to subscribers. Follow this link to download the PDF. Your web browser may open the file itself or it may save the file, depending on your system settings. If you want to save the file for offline reading, right click (on Windows you can hit the Context Menu key or Shift+F10) on the link above, then choose the option called Save As, Save Target As, or something similar. Follow the prompts from your browser to choose a location and/or filename to save the file.

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